Hydroslide repairs begin at Levin Aquatic Centre

Levin Aquatic Centre hydroslide is being repaired.

Swimmers at the Levin Aquatic Centre can look forward to aquatic fun on the hydroslide.

Work to repair the hydroslide will begin in early September, and is expected to be complete by January 2021.

The stairwell leading to the hydroslide needs to be repaired due to significant corrosion to the structure, stair treads and balustrades. The hydroslide was closed in February 2019 in the interest of public safety.

Horowhenua Community Facilities and Events Manager Brent Harvey says the stairwell would be removed and taken off-site for repairs once the cladding had been removed around the structure

“It will be sandblasted, hot dip galvanised and re-coated with a secondary protective coating to improve resistance to corrosion, in line with industry best practice. It will then be reassembled on-site and new cladding erected around the structure,” he says.

A new runout chute will be installed when the repairs to the stairwell are complete.

Council approved $370,000 for the repairs in April this year after detailed and structural engineering assessments, site management plans and safety plans were completed.

Mr Harvey says key considerations were to keep the Levin Aquatic Centre open during the repairs and to engage local contractors to do the work where possible.

“We acknowledge that the hydroslide has been out of action for a long time and many people have missed it. We know how much it is valued by our community and look forward to having it operational again in the not too distant future.

“We are working with contractors to ensure public safety and keep disruption to a minimum. The hydroslide will be isolated from the rest of the facility. Some of the fitness classes we usually hold in the conservatory area near the hydroslide may be affected, but most services and facilities will continue as normal. Any programme changes will be communicated ahead of time.”

Scaffolding will be erected from this week and contractors will make the site safe before works begin.