Council issued a ‘Please Explain’ on Gateway Proposal


KCDC had a meeting among themselves. There has been no public meetings about this proposal. No proper communication, no community involvement activated, no consultation with our community, even though some councillors may disagree.

Have some councillors and the mayor forgotten about their obligations as elected members, yes elected members, WE PUT YOU THERE, have you forgotten I ask again?

Why is it so easy for some elected members to just fob off the concerns that our community has?

What gives some elected members the right to fob this project off as not being notifiable?

What gives some elected members the right to assume this particular proposal can be voted on by them (as individuals) without communicating with the community?

Why are some elected members with-holding information and protecting those that have their own interests in this proposal?

I could go on!

There are some simple processes missing within KCDC at the moment. Yes, very simple things that go a long way and one of these is ‘Democracy’. Another is ‘Consultation’. Both of these seem to be missing at KCDC at the moment, actually I think they have been missing for quite a while to be honest.

So, I’m just wondering, are these certain elected members, K Gurunathan, Angela Buswell, James Cootes, Jackie Elliott, Sophie Handford, Jocelyn Prvanov, Rob McCann, and Janet Holborow not interested in engaging with our community. Have you all got your own agendas, your own self-interests instead of putting the community first?

Please, by all means come forward and tell me and others that I am wrong, because I know without even doing any campaigning, there are some real concerns within our community about this proposal along with the facts/figures that have been circulating.

You, (as our elected members) have the power to make decisions, but based on proper decent communications with the community, especially when it comes to large amounts of money. Not those employed by council, or the CEO. It is part of your duty to consult on some matters, and to water this project down to the point of not being notifiable is wrong.


Graeme Trask