Vandals cause over $18,000 worth of damage in Kāpiti

Kāpiti Community: Kāpiti ratepayers foot the bill for vandalism and tagging of public buildings.

Kāpiti Ratepayers have footed bills totalling over $18,000 to repair 42 acts of vandalism to public buildings over the last 12 months.

Libraries, public toilets and community halls across the district have been the targets of vandals who have broken windows and doors, covered buildings in graffiti, deliberately blocked toilets and even stolen urinal cisterns.

“Vandalism like we’ve seen over the last year is not only completely senseless and a waste time and resource to repair, it’s an unnecessary cost for us all to bear,” says Place and Space Group Manager James Jefferson.

“I know our community values our shared spaces and amenities and will be as disappointed as we are to learn how much vandalism has cost ratepayers this year.

“I want to ask everyone to be vigilant and if you see any suspicious behaviour around public buildings or the facilities in our parks and reserves, please contact the Police immediately.”