Art boggles mind

Tahora, by Bay of Plenty artist Kareama Taepa being installed at Te Uruhi/Maclean Park.


I walk through Te Uruhi/Maclean Park regularly and have wondered about the empty space that has been awaiting the installation of an ‘exciting new sculpture.’ But sadly we are represented with a picture of this new $145,000 ‘artwork’ (see photo).

The mind boggles. This sculpture is supposed to symbolise “The journey of whales and other travellers through the Te Rau o te Rangi waters – the straight between Kāpiti Island and the mainland” and will apparently reflect “the history and prehistory of Te Uruhi/Maclean Park and the local waters and will be a wonderful asset not just for Kāpiti but New Zealand.”

What a load of pompous posturing by the deputy mayor to disguise the fact this council have yet again wasted ratepayers money.

From the picture the sculpture just looks like an extension of the nearby concrete steps. I am not impressed.

Sue Voss