Candidate reminds Electra voters

Kevin Burrows, Vice-President of Grey Power, is a candidate for the Electra Trust.

Kevin Burrows who is a candidate for the position of Trustee of Electra Trust is reminding people to vote in the election of their Trustees.
The Trust represents the households and businesses in Kāpiti and Horowhenua who are connected to the local power lines. It is wholly owned by its 45,300 consumers from Paekākāariki to Foxton
Mr Burrows said “The role of the Trustees is to represent the owners’ interests and protect their asset. It is a major strategic asset owned by the people of Kāpiti and Horowhenua and provides a valuable service to the local community. The rebates it provides are appreciated by everyone and it is important that people have a say on who their Trustees are.”
The primary roles of the Trust are to:

  • appoint the Directors of Electra Limited
  • ensure appropriate annual performance assessments are held
  • monitor and safeguard the interests of Electra’s owners
  • ensure the terms of the Trust Deed are met and consider any amendments
  • may commission ownership reviews from time to time
  • ensure any surplus funds generated by Electra Limited, are returned to the owners in the form of an annual discount
  • approve the company’s Statement of Corporate Intent and monitor performance
  • hold an Annual Meeting of its owners (and any Special Meetings that may be required) to inform owners and respond to questions
  • maintain open communication with owners

    Voting has opened and closes at 12 noon on Friday 12 June 2020. Voting is being conducted by a mix of postal and online voting.