COVID-19 and the Laws of Attraction

Pamm Millage on the Laws of Attraction

Local Professional Hypnotherapist and Mental Health Consultant of 40+ years, Pamm Millage, revisits her words published in KCNews in June 2019: – “Just as the global environment reflects pollution within its atmosphere and in its waterways; so does your body reflect that which it is being fed.”

Pamm says one of her favourite hobby horses is in reminding you to focus your mental energy on your ideal outcome which not only sits within the Laws of Attraction but also, as an offshoot, can keep your physical immune system supported.

Pamm recently received, as did thousands of other households, a notice from the Horizons Regional Council giving some good advice; however, the notice included the heading “Unite against COVID-19” which has become the Government’s nationwide message.

“My hackles were raised enough to write this article,” says Pamm. “The famous words of Einstein echo loudly in my mind. ‘What you Resist Persists’.”

Pamm says within the complexities of your mind, there is a bundle of nerves at your brainstem called the Reticular Activating System (RAS) which seeks information to validate your beliefs; it also offers good logic as to how the Law of Attraction Works.

“The reason I am pointing this out is that when you are constantly listening and feeding your mind with the negative aspects of a situation, your RAS comes into play on an unconscious level and reinforces that which you are feeding it. Even with the seemingly innocuous message “Unite against COVID-19” your mind will unconsciously hone-in on COVID-19 and all the negative aspects that it brings to awareness. Your unconscious mind which regulates 90% of your behaviours, is not rational it holds no logic. However, as explained above it will give you more of what you feed it.

“In other words, if your thoughts which command your vital energy are focused on resisting something (even if it be uniting against it) your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy becomes depleted in feeding negativity which can thus compromise your health,” says Pamm.

“Yes, it is good to be consciously aware of situations that you do not want in your life, so that you can utilise this knowledge wisely and repattern your thoughts to that which is your ideal outcome; say in this case commanding the vital energy held within your mind to “Unite for a Healthy World.” Uniting for a Healthy World feeds positivity into the opportunities and amazing potentials for systemic change that arise from the current situation; within the political, environmental, educational, health, economical and global arenas. Most importantly you begin to realise the Mastery you hold within the expression of your ideal self.

“Einstein also said that Logic will get you from A to B. Imagination will take you everywhere Imagination is more important than knowledge. He defined Insanity as “Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results.”

“Hypnotherapy is a short cut to employing your imagination to become your best friend to activating your RAS to bring you the positive and ideal outcomes you desire.

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