Kāpiti BNI chapters have plenty to offer

BNI Gold Coast chapter President Richard Calkin addresses Kāpiti business leaders on BNI Visitors Day.

BNI Gold Coast held a very successful Visitors Day last week, attracting 15 Kāpiti businesses to check out what BNI has to offer.

Chapter President Richard Calkin of Web Genius says it was excellent to see so many visitors take the opportunity to see what BNI can offer their business.

“BNI has set many businesses on a steady growth path and the atmosphere is supportive and creative,” says Mr Calkin.

There are currently three BNI chapters on the Kāpiti Coast. The Gold Coast chapter is the largest with 26 members. BNI Kāpiti Coast has 21 members and the newest chapter, BNI Better Business, has 16 members.

Mr Calkin says exclusivity is a big plus for businesses joining BNI. “There is only one of each business type at each BNI chapter which means excellent referrals which are exclusive. For instance we have one plumbing business, one accountant, one lawyer and so on.”

Mr Calkin has been a BNI member for 14 years and many other businesses have also remained members for many years, experiencing significant growth in their business.

For more information on joining BNI see any of the three Kāpiti Chapters:

BNI Gold Coast: https://www.facebook.com/BNI-Gold-Coast-399777060056153/

BNI Better Business: https://www.facebook.com/BNI-Gold-Coast-399777060056153/

BNI Kāpiti Coast: https://www.facebook.com/BNI-Kāpiti-Coast-277098655715513/