Sophie Handford on Climate Strike

Kāpiti Councillor Sophie Handford is continuing to put out the message for urgent action on climate change. In a recently released video Sophie says the clock is ticking and action must be taken now.

Sophie addressed a huge crowd outside Parliament saying, “We have power together and I think we need to use that power.”

It seems the biggest struggle is changing the mindset of many politicians who are either in denial of climate change reality or who are far too slow to act.

Sophie says there are so many people out there not only fighting for their future but they are also fighting for their now.

“Like the people in the Pacific Islands. The water is literally at their doorsteps knocking.”

Sophie and Climate Strike are highlighting the urgency required for action.

“We don’t have long. It was 11 years, now 10 and it will be come 9 and it will eventually become a month. I’m just really afraid we will get to that point and be like, we wasted so much time.”

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