Marcus Ebbett in Kāpiti Arts Trail

Raumati artist Marcus Ebbett is opening his Rosetta Road studio for the Kāpiti Arts Trail from 10am to 5pm each of the four days over the next two weekends.

In huge demand, Marcus says he is kept busy with commission work.

“These days it’s mostly commission work these days. It gives people something unique and specific to what they want.”

He has also been involved in developing graphic design work.

The former Kāpiti College student has worked as a head designer at a web marketing business before devoting himself to fulltime painting.

“I enjoy working with a wide range of materials over an equally wide range of subject matter,” says Marcus who has produced a series of outstanding cityscapes and landscapes with a leaning toward nautical themes.

He is a member of and has exhibited at the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts.

Marcus says the current exhibition is on show as part of the local Kāpiti Arts Trail and will feature 18 works, all of which are for sale.

“This is the sixth year I have been involved in the Kāpiti Arts Trail and every year has been a success. I display a variety of work and I enjoy meeting those who come to visit and the feedback I get.”

Marcus Ebbett Studio Gallery, 120 Rosetta Road, Raumati South.

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