Public Education Discussion Meeting in Waikanae

The second in a series of policy discussion meetings is scheduled for 7pm on Monday 29 July 2019 at the Waikanae Baptist Church Hall, 286 Te Moana Road, Waikanae, concluding at 9pm with tea and coffee.

The panel of speakers will be led by Jan Tinetti, MP.


  • Jan Tinetti is a Labour List MP based in Tauranga, Deputy Chairperson of the Educationand Workforce Select Committee and a former primary school principal.

  • Marion Norton, our fellow branch member, is a former secondary teacher, school board member and a PPTA advocate.

  • Rowena Taylor is a former secondary teacher and teacher educator.

    This public meeting will be on current educational issues and challenges and policies to address these. The topics covered will include the nature of teacher’s work today; outstanding issues for primary and secondary teachers following the settlement of their pay claims; teacher recruitment and retention; pre-service teacher’s education; and other changes afoot, such as NCEA and the Tomorrow’s Schools Review. There may be other issues raised by people at the meeting.

    There will be time for questions and discussion.