Kāpiti Coast Family wins NZHL XRACE

Kāpiti Coast locals Kim and Regan Foote and their children have won the NZHL XRACE competition to attend the Gold Coast XRACE event in October.

They couldn’t believe their luck when they received the call to say they’d been the winner from nearly 3000 entries, to head to the Gold Coast in October to take on the Aussies in the Australian version of the XRACE course.

Kim and Regan didn’t tell the children until NZHL arrived. Needless to say, they were pretty happy when they saw their name on the prize. Kim and their older son have competed in XRACE for three years, with Regan taking on the challenge for the first time this year. Kim teamed with their younger son, while Regan has the experience of their older son with Kim taking out bragging rights as the victor.

A Foote family favourite this year was the blindfold trust activity, although rose bushes as the obstacles to navigate around caused brief family tension.

For the Gold Coast event, they’ve decided to keep the same teams and Regan is determined to turn the tables on the result.

We’ll keep you posted on how they get on.