Kāpiti transport provider meets growing demand

Access to assisted transport has been a significant issue throughout the country and particularly in Kāpiti for many years.

One local provider is Freedom Companion Driving owned and operated by Lindsey Gott of Paraparaumu.

Lindsey says a primary aim for them is safety and the general well-being of Freedom clients.

“We are also another pair of eyes. We bring the service to the client’s door and provide extra help at either end of the journey as needed.”

Lindsey says the growing demand for their services is coming from people with older parents who want to make sure they are looked after properly whether it is a visit to the doctor, shopping or going out for a social occasion.

“We can transport people safely and comfortably to and from appointments and can assist with walkers and shopping, including going around the supermarket with clients. We are able to help out with bagging and unpacking shopping bags at home.”

An important role for Freedom is in ensuring clients, when on doctor or hospital visits, get to the right department and are able to collect wheelchairs and walkers.

“We will stay with clients if needed, taking notes for family and we work with a strong code of ethics.”

Lindsey says they have a number of regular clients and this works well for the clients and for Freedom as they can have people securely booked. She says the service can be used by Total Mobility Card users which often means half price transport around the local area.

She says they get asked for a wide variety of services from medical appointments to social and business trips.

“We are asked to provide Airport transfers, take pets to the vet, long trips and local and are happy to look after the varying needs of our clients. It is important for people to have transport they can trust and that is what we take pride in providing,” says Lindsey.

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