Kāpiti Coast Civic Awards Open for Nominations

The Kāpiti Coast District’s annual Civic Awards paired with the Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards are back again to honour the outstanding people who make our neighbourhoods and communities the special places they are.

Mayor K Gurunathan says that while the awards are annual, this year’s round is particularly poignant in light of how New Zealand has been on the world stage over the past few weeks, demonstrating how inclusive, engaged, and kind communities can be.

“This year the awards come at a time when we are all turning our focus inward on our communities, on our neighbours, and how to look after one another despite all of our differences and possibly because of them. We’re seeing the incredible resilience and connectedness of our communities and our neighbourhoods.

“We’re celebrating what makes the Kāpiti Coast so unique, and the often quiet heroes in the background who volunteer tireless hours and lend generous skills and effort all year round to lead our communities to grow and support themselves.”

The Civic Awards are our area’s highest honour for individual residents who’ve made a lasting impact in the community. Based on public nominations, Council gives awards based on exemplary volunteer service or outstanding service in their professional field.

Nominees are volunteers in areas like the environment, social services, education, youth, and culture.

Kāpiti Civic Award winners recognising those who contributed to the community through hard work or who have exceptional achievements as individuals in their chosen field from 2018 were: Mary Carrington, Graham Petterson, Viola Palmer, and Mark Amery, while Len Taylor was honoured with the Mayoral Award.

The Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards recognise the contributions made by community groups in six categories: arts and culture, education and youth development, health and wellbeing, heritage and environment, sports and leisure, and rising star.

To nominate a deserving recipient for the Civic Award or to put a group forward for the Wellington Airport Regional Community Awards, see www.kapiticoast.govt.nz/civic-awards Nominations open on Monday 1 April, but hurry because nominations close 31 May.