Kāpiti Zeal Musicians Lounge showcasing our talented youth

Kāpiti Zeal Musicians Lounge provides a great environment for youthful talent.

Musician’s Lounge is an event where youth can come together as a community and share their passion and love for music with one another in a warm, safe and encouraging environment.

Event founder Hannah Neal says last year they created this from just an idea into a fully functioning breathing entity involving lots of people over the Kāpiti Coast District. “Starting from just acoustic performers, to duo’s, trio’s and even bands. We have continuously worked on our organisation, Team work ethic and communications to make it easier, simpler and better than ever for all involved.”

Ms Neal says Musician’s Lounge creates a platform for first time performers enabling them to feel safe and comfortable for the first time. The night provides youth in Kāpiti the opportunity to showcase their talent and come together as a community.

She says first time performers have said “It was nerve wracking at first but once I got up there I felt like I could play like no one was watching” Angus Reynolds (18). Codi Priest (18) has also said “It was a great experience I felt like I was able to do my thing and not get judged it, felt more fun once I got up there. I felt like I was in that space where there was no worries and no cares.”

All youth have opportunities to perform during an open mic session, where anyone was allowed to go and give performing a go.

Doors open at 5pm, with a $2 entry, with pizza and drinks for everyone at the event. Musician’s Lounge runs on the second Monday of the month.

“The entire event was youth run, from lighting and sound up to the performers themselves,” says Aden O’Connor (15), Lighting Manager. “Zeal provides us with the tools to run events like this, and allows us to build up some really valuable skills. It’s a bit like being involved in lighting and sound at school, but we’re given more opportunities to play with different ideas, learning a lot in the process.”

The next Musician’s Lounge is on the 11th of March, all youth are invited to come along. If they wish to perform they can message our Instagram @lounge.musician or facebook page we also have an email address [email protected]

The Founder of Musician’s Lounge Hannah Neal (17), started organising this event in February and has since made many changes to grow the event and has since developed a great team of volunteers. “We have a core team of eight people and we all meet together regularly and discuss how we can make the next one better.”

Ms Neal says she is incredibly grateful for her team, everyone who has helped out with this event. “To all the people who have performed it’s truly amazing to watch.”

Zeal is a not for profit organization dedicated to positively impacting young people throughout New Zealand. They provide youth with a number of opportunities to grow and explore their creativity, through afternoon hangouts, events, creative programmes, and workshops. Come check Zeal out we are open from 3.30pm Tuesday to Friday.

If you’re interested in getting involved with events at Zeal, send an email to Zeal Kāpiti events manager Devon Welch on [email protected]