Kāpiti wide Appeal for KYS

KYS will hold its Annual Street Appeal in Kāpiti from 8am 4pm Saturday 12th May 2018.

First held in 2015, the KYS Street Appeal has become an annual event that helps raise much needed funds for this long standing local charity.

“The Annual Appeal is a great day for our staff and volunteers to be out in the community”, says CEO Raechel Osborne. “It gives us a wonderful opportunity to interact with locals and we are always thrilled to hear from the many people who go out of their way to come and tell us how KYS has helped them or a young person they know. It’s heartening for us to know people value the work we do and that what we’re doing works.”

Raechel says that although KYS receives some government funding, there’s a significant shortfall every year, and funding is often short term and not guaranteed. “So KYS relies on donations, grants and fundraising activities to help support the funding shortfall . Just once a year we take to the streets to ask the Kāpiti community to support us by donating to our Annual Appeal”.

Because KYS is a local rather than national charity, 100% of funds raised go back into the local community, supporting our local young people. “We are always very grateful for the donations we receive. Every little bit counts,” says Raechel.

About KYS:

KYS (Kāpiti Youth Service) currently has over 5,400 young people accessing its services which are free for young people aged 10-25 years on the Kāpiti Coast. Services include medical and nursing, clinical psychology, counselling, sexual health, alcohol and drug services, social work, mentoring, parenting, peer support, transition to work, youth development, education programmes and therapeutic groups. KYS has 39 full and part time staff.