Clueless Kāpiti Car Thieves

Car thieves caused serious damage to two cars in Waikanae in the early hours of Tuesday morning but were unsuccessful in getting either to start.

Helge Ritthammer of Signcraft Kāpiti and Richard Foote of Shaft Automotive both had company vehicles broken into on Omahi St.

Mr Ritthammer says the windscreen was smashed and the ignition completely destroyed in his company car.

He says it is pretty stupid for someone to try and steal a sign-written car, so they shouldn’t be too hard to catch.

Mr Foote says this is the first time a work vehicle has been broken into. A rear window was smashed in and the ignition destroyed in another failed attempt to start the car.

Mr Foote says they were idiots who had no idea what they were doing but caused a lot of damage and have wasted a lot of everyone’s time.

Police have been contacted and would be finger printing both cars. There is also CTV footage from several cameras in the area which is being examined.