Congratulations to new Kāpiti Chief Executive


Open Letter to Wayne Maxwell

Hi Wayne,

First and foremost congratulations for being appointed the Chief Executive of KCDC, (Oh by the way I was rooting for you out in the Community to get the job and told everybody you were the most consistent of the applicants who applied, knowledge, reliability and able to change for the betterment of the Community who wants to see a different approach. You will be seen as more human, and people friendly which is badly needed after the past experience of lack of accountability etc).

KCDC will go a long way if these changes appear and hopefully your manner will advance the key aspect of the job. You will win the Community over if this is seen to be happening. Things can only develop positively if done in the right manner. Having dialogue between parties which in the past did not seem to have happened i.e. Particularly Lawyers which is cost effective and no win-win situation where everybody loses.

I also believe that we need to seriously address affordability of our Long Term Plans. KCDC seems to consistently be borrowing for the future rather than progressing projects and council work in terms of affordability and a reasonable rating approach.

Best Wishes

Dale Evans

Paraparaumu Beach