Paekākāariki Surf Lifeguards save lives on land as well

Last Sunday while conducting IRB training, a member from a group of cyclists approached Paekākāariki surf lifeguards asking for their assistance with first aid as one of the riders had fallen off their bike.

On arriving at the incident scene behind the Surf Club, lifeguards discovered a very serious medical emergency unfolding.

Our lifeguards Ben Flynn, Ben Strombom, Jake Devine, Heath Jordan and Otis Hungerford worked well together to deliver first aid, stabilise the patient, set up a helicopter landing area, and handover the patient to emergency services.

Feedback from the patient’s family is that our guards were extremely skilled, conducted themselves with grace and sensitivity, and were in the right place at the right time. All in all, the patients family were extremely grateful and hope to visit the team down on patrol later this summer.

Well done Paekak!