Local MP no show stifles debate

Labour candidate Rob McCann says another opportunity to debate key issues was lost when his main opponent, MP Nathan Guy, again failed to turn up to the latest candidates meeting, this time in his former home town of Levin.

“It’s disappointing for locals when their MP doesn’t front,” said Labour Candidate Rob McCann.

“I think turning up just once every three years to explain your record is the very least an MP should do. The fact that Nathan will not prioritise ‘meet the candidate debates’ is a clear indication that he’s afraid to front up and is now completely out of touch.”

Mr McCann says this was never more apparent than at his last appearance in Ōtaki when the MP said there was not a housing crisis, it was a housing boom.

“That was an extraordinary outburst,” says Mr McCann, “and it demonstrated an uncaring attitude totally at odds with residents.”

Mr McCann says Kāpiti and Horowhenua residents need to ask themselves, do they want an MP who lives in Wellington and fails to turn up to three candidate meetings, or do they want a real local, who will fight for the rights for our residents from within a new Labour led government.

“The Ōtaki electorate was best served when we had two MP’s,” says Mr McCann. “A candidate vote for Rob McCann will see a new electorate MP, and Nathan will still return to Parliament with his list placing at number 11.”

Mr McCann has taken to bringing his gumboots to the meetings just in case Nathan doesn’t turn up to the delight of disgruntled audiences.

“There’s not much we can do to force Mr Guy to front up, so it’s just easier to make a joke and then talk about how a Labour Government will cancel the tax cuts for the top 10% and put those funds into health, housing and education.”