Voting System Change Called For

Dear Editor

In the last local Kāpiti Coast District Council meeting on Electoral Systems for Local Body Elections (7 September 2017) the present Council voted 6 to 3 in favour of keeping the status quo voting system STV (Single Transferable Vote).

Over the number of years this STV system has taken place the average community person does not like or understand the system as to how it operates and have said to me they prefer FPP (First Past the Post – which is more cut and dry).

This shows up in 2001 FPP was in place in Kāpiti the voting was sitting at 63%. It is noted that 2016 was 48% under STV. This tells you that the Community does not like the system in which they are fully aware that a person they do not wish to be elected can be under this system. Most decide not to vote. We need to change back to a more fair system of FPP – to have a greater voter turn out – this has to happen.

Council by law have to advertise the decision they made (by the 19th September 2017) – we as the Community can object to this and the poll would be held before the 21 May 2018 – that leaves time for the system to change by the elections in 2019.

We as a Community need to get behind the change of system to FPP for a more open, transparent system.

Dale Evans

Community Minded Rate Payer