Kāpiti sees decrease in Official Info Requests


Is the Community occupying Council time by making unnecessary Official Information requests? Let’s look at the statistics. There has actually been a decrease in Official Information requests (246 this year versus 260 last year) since we had a new Mayor who was elected on openness and transparency.

These are real facts not alternative facts. Staff are now spending less time responding to OIA requests. There are some members of the community who make multiple requests. Two years ago one person made 44 official information requests in one year but this has decreased significantly to only 16 this year. One can only speculate on what requestors do with this information.

Council is to blame somewhat when elected members seek relevant information in the performance of their elected job. Sometimes their requests are treated as Official Information Requests. This skewers the statistics somewhat. It also means a delay in getting the information to an elected member.

The Council should make Official Information replies available on the Council website with the name of the requestor redacted as some replies contain useful information about rates and financial matters.

Bernie Randall