Call to halt toxic sprays

Dear Ed,

Not sure if it is widely known that a Masterton company, Beetham Pastural, have been employed to spray pesticides and herbicides in QE2 Park and Whareroa Farm?

This should be halted immediately!

Everyone knows the devastating effects of these chemicals on wild life, not to mention human beings.

These are public recreational areas; children, dogs, families enjoying natural surroundings.

Bee, butterflies, native birds, introduced and native wild flowers, bush, shrubs and trees.

There are more eco-friendly, organic and natural ways to control pests and weeds; although they

may be more labour-intensive; grubbing, slashing and disposing of seeds, they can have good long-term benefits without the poisonous toxins in sprays.

A government or local government initiative to employ unemployed young people would improve communities as well as our parks, reserves and public wilderness areas.

Maureen Dunn,