Kāpiti Mayor says message on Health is Clear

People are sending a clear message on health services needed in Kāpiti says Mayor K Gurunathan.

“The Kāpiti Health Coalition launched their petition for a Kāpiti Community Hospital on 12 July and already more than 14,000 people (27% of the Kāpiti population) have signed and signaled their support. Its been a phenomenal response and support continues to increase.”

Verbal input to KHC members collecting signatures and recorded online correspondence give a clear message on what services people want:

1. The need for an affordable 24/7 Accident and Emergency facility

2. The need for the number of outpatient clinics held in Kāpiti to increase from the 2016 figure of only 53%

3. The need for an inpatient Hospice to replace the current day programme facility

4. The need for hospital beds to provide a short term stay facility

5. The need for increased maternity facilities to increase local birthing from the 2015 figure of only 25%.

“I want to thank the Kāpiti Health Coalition for its outstanding work. The KHC wished to thank all those who have given their support to the petition,” says Mayor Gurunathan.

The petition is planned to be presented to Parliament in February 2018 following the September General Election and the formation of a government.

For more on the petition see: www.kchospital.nz/kch/index_Final.cgi