Crows Feet Dance Collective dance for Kāpiti

This month Crows Feet Dance Collective presents a new work C is for Climate Change.

Through dance, song and visual imagery the Collective explores the impact that climate change is having, and going to have, upon our lives while asking the question “what sort of world are we leaving to our grandchildren?”.

Crows Feet look at our own local communities and explore issues like coastal erosion; we look at the impact of sea level rise upon our neighbours in the the Pacific Islands.

But it is not all deadly serious. “We have some fun too, dancing to songs like ‘Singing in the Rain’ (the climate change deniers dance!) and ‘Too Darn Hot’.

Actor Lorae Parry recreates her famous Helen Clark impersonation as we use Helen’s words about climate change that she presented recently at the United Nations.

With C for Climate Change we intend to provoke and to entertain our audiences.

See Poster for tickets to the Kāpiti Show.