Climate Change missing from Kāpiti Plan


Reading the summary booklet of the council’s Long Term Plan, one would be forgiven for thinking everything in the atmosphere is much the same as it was 50 years ago and that out climate was stable.

Yes, tragically, there isn’t a single mention of climate change in this 20-year plan being discussed.

The nearest we come is in the Tangata Whenua piece where there is a rather ominous whakatauki (proverb) that says, “Whatungarongaro te tangata toitu te whenua As man disappears from sight the land remains.”

Have we all been blocking our ears and eyes while we watch the recent devastating downpours and floods in Otago and Canterbury, worsening summer droughts on the east coast, wildfires in Canterbury and seeing coastal erosion in the various places in the country that are vulnerable to sea level rise?

No we are not immune. Our council’s own CEO is on record as saying, “Our extensive low-lying and erosion-prone coastline is especially vulnerable…we are better to debate these issues now and plan accordingly, rather than turn a blind eye and just hope for the best. No one will thank us in 30 or 50 years time for doing that.”

So it is time to reflect this in your Long Term Plan KCDC, or we are going to be wasting a lot of money and doing a lot of regretting.

Deirdre Kent