AEDs saving lives in Kāpiti

AEDs are lifesavers and for many Kāpiti people they maybe closer than you think.

For those of you who don’t know what an AED is (and I certainly didn’t) it is an automated external defibrillator and you want to hope you never need one but also hope if you do there is one handy.

Making that happen is Susie Mills and Sarah Sundgren of Waikanae who have established a Trust to raise funds for AEDs in the area.

“There were no public defibrillators in Waikanae and we were aware of people who wanted to donate to a good cause and that is how we started the Kāpiti AED Trust,” says Susie.

The Defibrillators cost about $5750 each with an eight year maintenance plan.

“We run regular training sessions on how to use them and these have been very popular. A recent session at Parkwood had 50 people turn up. In two years we have trained 450 people how to use them.”

Some of the Defibrillators have been self funded sites such as Parkwood which has two, and others have been donated or purchased from donations.

There are currently 11 in the Waikanae are and they are well spread out in places such as the outside wall of the Waikanae Library, opposite the Front Room at Waikanae Beach, outside the Waikanae Pool, and at the Waikanae Club and the Waikanae Bowling Club.

Both Susie and Sarah are Fire Brigade volunteers and are well aware of the importance of AEDs.

“The are lifesavers and it is important for the community to have them, know where they are and no how to use them. We are lucky to have such great support and we plan to get as many AEDs as we can,” says Susie.

To See where your nearest AED is located visit:

Or for more on the local Trust email [email protected]