Road naming process not helpful

Dear Editor,

On the SH1 renaming issue, I believe the current process adopted by KCDC councillors over a year ago, where the four Community Boards make their individual recommendations on a name to council is inappropriate. Because it is not conductive to cohesive decision making, on what, is essentially a districtwide issue. It is a significant districtwide road.

I believe it is quite appropriate for councillors to change the process to one where Councillors select the recommendations to go forward to vote.

We have already changed the process once, by requesting the full file of names suggested in public submissions, not just a summary document. 75% of which desired a single name.

Changing a postal address is inconvenient, I agree. But it is a one off, short term pain for the long term gain for the entire Kāpiti Coast. I am happy to be providing some much needed leadership on this issue before a mistake is made.

Perhaps the four Community Boards could put some effort into lobbying for some assistance for those who will have to change their addresses. Around 1000. if we adopt a One road – One name policy in accordance with the wishes of the majority of submitters.

Cr Jackie Elliott

Districtwide Councillor for Kāpiti