Kāpiti ready for Smart Travel Solution

Many Kāpiti commuters are still stuck with daily (and nightly) traffic congestion and now it seems help may be at hand by joining what is called the Smart Travel solution.

Smart Travel is a new website and App that simplifies sharing rides and makes your travel cheaper, sustainable and social.

Smart Travel enables people to connect with their neighbourhood and colleagues for their trips to and from work.

Smart Travel introduces features that are a first for ride sharers in New Zealand, including rewards for regularly logging your trips and incentives to increase the number of people car-pooling.

Smart Travel isn’t just for car-poolers though. If you walk, cycle or use public transport, you can also log your trips and earn rewards.

Participants register their start point and destination online, and then are ready to match their trips with others going their way. Log your trips and the cost calculator will show how much money and greenhouse gas emissions you’re saving. Regularly logging your trips also entitles you to enter to win a range of prize draws which include family passes to Zealandia and Pukaha Mount Bruce, Fishpond vouchers, Prezzy cards and more.

Several workplaces and institutions in the region support the concept, including universities and government departments. “Victoria University actively encourages sustainable transport modes. Smart Travel is a great new tool to help our students, staff and visitors find the best way to get to campus,” says Marjan van den Belt, Assistant Vice-Chancellor (Sustainability).

Councils and transport authorities across the country have collaborated to bring New Zealand commuters the most up-to-date ride matching tool and increase their transport options.

To register with Smart Travel, visit www.SmartTravel.org.nz