What is democracy

Dear Editor,

“The Truth about Democracy in Horowhenua” (half Page advertisement) Wednesday April 12th.

Question – what is Democracy? According to the original Greek definition it means “people power.” The people of the Horowhenua District made it very clear who they wanted as their Mayor when they voted in 2016.

When you stand as a candidate for election there is a limit to what you are allowed to spend on advertising. In our view the nine Councillors who are advertising right now are deliberately courting the public vote for the 2019 local government election and may be seen to be corrupting the advertising expenditure limit. As ratepayers we are actually funding this dishonest practice through the salaries these Councillors are paid out of our rates. We recommend they cease their campaigning, stop personalising issues and get on with the business of governing this District.

It is obvious they don’t agree with Mayor Feyen’s culture change of openness and transparency. They still want to do things behind closed doors, the question is why? And who is advising them?

Dave & Kath Thomson

Foxton Beach