Kāpiti Council Plan gets a Refresh

Over the last couple of weekends dozens of Kāpiti folk have taken part in community workshops to share insights, issues and opportunities as work on the 2018-38 long term plan gets underway.

Mayor K Gurunathan was delighted with the breadth of views shared at the workshops, including ideas on what’s changing and what collectively we need to be considering for the future.

Every three years the Council reviews the 20-year plan for the district, to ensure it stays relevant and reflects any changes in the environment and the communities’ aspirations for Kāpiti.

Group Manager Strategy and Planning Sarah Stevenson says that a wide range of community groups were invited to have a representative at one of the workshops.

“We are in the very early stages of an iterative process, and we look forward to taking the conversation to the wider community in the coming months. The long term plan will take until the middle of next year to complete,” she says.

“The vision and focus areas set out in the long term plan will then drive much of the work of Council so it’s important we get it right.”