Raumati South Footbridge a Safety Concern for Locals

Guy Burns, Deputy Chair of the Raumati Paraparaumu Community Board, though impressed with the new Expressway’s walkways and cycleways, has concerns regarding the Leinster Avenue footbridge that crosses over the Expressway at Raumati South.

“I recently cycled some of the shared pathways at the southern end. It’s a fantastic asset and transport option for locals and it will encourage people to move around using non-combustion engine means,” says Mr Burns.

“I congratulate both KCDC and Government for providing a clean-green sustainable transport system that runs alongside the Expressway, which enables locals to access Kāpiti by foot, bike and, in some places, horse.

“One gripe though. The impressive Leinster Avenue footbridge, also known as the Eel Bridge, has been renamed by locals as the ‘bridge to nowhere’. Why? The bridge leads pedestrians and cyclists towards the railway station, but once over, users are confronted by traffic tearing past at 100km.”

Mr Burns says this is a major safety hazard. “To access Paraparaumu cyclists and walkers must share paths with vehicles whizzing along at high speed. There is no dedicated path and two major road intersections must be crossed, an act like walking barefoot on broken glass.

“I urge both NZTA and KCDC to remedy this nightmare by urgently building a dedicated walkway/cycleway to link the Eel Bridge at Leinster Avenue with Paraparaumu town centre.”