Ōtaki Memorial Hall on Shaky Ground

A detailed assessment of Ōtaki Memorial Hall has confirmed it is earthquake prone.

This evaluation followed an initial seismic assessment by independent structural engineers, which identified the building on Main Street as potentially earthquake prone.

Signs have been put up on the building to let people know of its status and regular users have been informed.

Being assessed as earthquake-prone does not prevent people from using a building or necessarily mean a building should not be occupied.

KCDC is in the process of obtaining more information on the earthquake-prone status of its buildings, including remedial costs.

The news comes as a further hit to Ōtaki following the news earlier that a council assessment the Ōtaki Civic Theatre and Ōtaki Museum were both identified via a structural engineer’s review of available plans and a visual inspection.

Ōtaki Civic Theatre meets about 15 per cent of the building code requirements, and Ōtaki Museum about 10 per cent.

Buildings are considered potentially earthquake prone if they meet less than 33 per cent of requirements for a new building of the same type on the same site.