Kāpiti’s Securely Independence Monitor offers more choice to elderly

Kāpiti’s New Zealand owned security and specialist monitoring company Securely has released a monitoring solution which will aim to help New Zealanders stay in their homes longer.

The new product ‘Securely Independence Monitor’ not only has the traditional panic functions of a medical alarm pendant, but also monitors for smoke, and periods of extended inactivity.

Securely General Manager, Chris Barber says the solution aims to enable people to remain independent in the homes for longer, with the confidence of knowing that the monitoring is delivered by an Electra owned company with great experience in monitoring critical infrastructure.

“This product is for anyone who treasures their independence, as well as the peace of mind for the family, knowing that their loved ones can remain at home safely. It’s about knowing that if they should fall over, there is a fire at home, or for some reason become inactive they will be alerted. After talking to people who see value in these products we identified that having a smoke and inactivity detection partnered with the pendent with simple interface was what people are actually looking for.”

The Securely Independence Monitor works as a panel that is connected to Securely’s central monitoring station via the cellular network. The panel has three sensors, all wireless, consisting of a fall detecting pendent (that is worn), a smoke detector and an inactivity detector.

Larraine Clark from Levin says the Securely Independence Monitor installed in her parent’s home gives her greater peace of mind.

“It gives me peace of mind that Mum and Dad can keep their active lifestyle. If something happens such as a fire, fall, or if they don’t move for over nine hours the Securely team will get in touch to see if everything is okay then call me to let me know. Also if Dad was to have another heart attack, Mum can just push the button and not have to call an ambulance, so it reduces that stress as well.”

The Health Quality and Safety Commission reported 25,000 New Zealanders ages 50 and over were admitted to hospital in 2014 from falls alone.

“With new technology becoming more reliable and affordable, staying in your home for longer while being safe and looked after is now an option. As a trust owned business out of Kāpiti many of our beneficiaries themselves are looking for this type of technology and service and if we can do it in a way where the profits, and new jobs, stay in our region it’s a win-win all around,” says Chris Barber, General Manager, Securely.

Securely aims to bring world-class systems, technology, and monitoring services to New Zealand families and businesses. Operating under the electricity distributor Electra, Securely is a local business with a 90 year history of providing jobs, local investment and profit share back into the community.