Give Roundabouts another Turn

What a surprise! We finally have an honest politician in our midst. Good on you Guru for checking on your family and the dog then turning off your phone and going back to sleep. many other Mayors would have done the same thing , but would never have admitted it. I’m sure you knew your staff were trained in emergency procedures and you would have only been a figurehead. And, to be honest, most of them earn more than you do, anyway. Congratulations of becoming our Mayor and may you have many happy years on the job. With your attitude and smile, we are in safe hands.

And to Reg Fowles of Waikanae in your (Kāpiti News) 30th November issue regarding “Fun with Traffic Lights” you could not have put it more succinctly or more humourously and and I, for one, thoroughly enjoyed your letter. Brink back roundabouts, especially at the swimming pool. We have more traffic lights in Kāpiti Rd than they have in Queens St in Auckland.