Kāpiti Residents asked for Views

Over the next few months Kāpiti Coast District Council is keen to hear from residents on a range of projects, strategies and bylaws being developed or reviewed.

Mayor K Gurunathan says the Council is seeking people’s suggestions and priorities on many aspects of its work being planned in the coming 4-6 months, to ensure it’s meeting the needs of our communities.

“While people won’t be interested in every topic, we’d really appreciate it if they can find time to give us feedback on subjects close to their hearts,” he says.

“We’re bringing together opportunities across different projects to make it easier to provide feedback and we’ll be letting our communities know what’s coming up so they can choose where to get involved.

“We’ll be talking about the topics under four themes: Connecting Kāpiti, Protecting Kāpiti, Enjoying Kāpiti, and Shaping FutureKāpiti. Each of these themes has a raft of projects that help to deliver on our vision of a vibrant, diverse and thriving Kāpiti.”

“The first opportunity for feedback across multiple Council projects is an online questionnaire that’s seeking input on three topics.”

The survey covers the rules around our district’s public places, a strategy for community facilities, and the use and development of Maclean Park. Residents can complete questions on just one or two of these topics, or all three.

“We know that summer’s a busy time. If people can take a little time to share their thoughts with us now, though, it will help guide the Council as we progress these important pieces of work in the New Year,” the Mayor says.

Projects coming up under the four themes are:

Connecting Kāpiti

Making the most of the opportunities the Expressway creates, including:

Renaming of SH1

Making SH1 a local road

Stride ‘n’ Ride

Paraparaumu and Waikanae town centres

Waikanae Beach community vision

Transport strategy

Protecting Kāpiti

Making Kāpiti safe and enjoyable for all, now and into the future, including:

Public Places Bylaw

Paekākāariki seawall

Emergency preparedness

Enjoying Kāpiti

Establishing community and recreational facilities that help people make the most of living in Kāpiti, including:

Community facilities strategy

Maclean Park plan refresh

Otaraua Park development plan

Mahara Gallery / Waikanae Library

Ōtaki pool and SplashPad

Shaping FutureKāpiti

Making priority choices across all our work, for the coming year and the next 20 years, including:

Annual plan

Long term plan.