Trolleys cost effective compared to battery buses – Gunter Mackinger

“European cities are steadily converting back to trolleybus public transport” was the message from Gunter Mackinger, at a public meeting Thursday 10th March. “Complete public transport systems cannot easily convert to fully battery operated systems, and there is a significant problem with battery life and consequential waste disposal!”

RSCN2065Presentation to Gunter MacKinger by Brent Efford

Mackinger, is an electric transport consultant and former GM of Salizburg Railways and now working with organizations such as the UITP (International Public Transport Organisation) and the German Government. He advocates trolleybuses and trams as an essential green emission investment in modern liveable cities.

Trolley bus supporters were delighted to hear of Mackinger’s support for trolleys and to be shown that trolleys were cost effective compared to battery buses and polluting diesel buses. Mackinger’s statements were backed up by studies at three independent German universities.

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