Graffiti Free Week Starts

Graffiti Free Week (Starting March 14) is a nation-wide behavioural change campaign, which was developed in 2013 to help eliminate and prevent graffiti vandalism in local communities.

Since it began, Graffiti Free Week has grown substantially each year, and 2016 is proving to be no different. Starting out with 6 x locations in the first national Graffiti Free Week, this year’s awareness week has attracted nearly 100 registrations.

Keep New Zealand Beautiful Project Manager, Joanne Powell says it is great to see such strong support from the local communities and councils to clean up graffiti.

“Research has shown environments plagued by litter and graffiti have higher crime statistics. Eradicating graffiti leads to a safer, happier community,” says Joanne.

Keep New Zealand Beautiful has partnered with Resene and the Ministry of Justice to develop the “Adopt A Spot Kits” which are given out free to registered participants of Graffiti Free Week. Included in the kits are a Resene paint voucher, a roller, paintbrush, graffiti removal spray, high vis vest, t-shirt, cap, drop cloth, event guide and more.

As part of a month long Paint New Zealand Beautiful initiative, Graffiti Free Week serves as the basis of ongoing support and provision of information from Keep New Zealand Beautiful as a leading advocate for graffiti vandalism education.

Top Tips For Targeting Taggers:

Report new graffiti and offenders as soon as possible. Most councils, police and police have a reporting service. Alternatively, you can phone KNZB to report graffiti, 0800 TIDY NZ.

Repair and get rid graffiti ASAP to discourage further conduct.

Educate fellow residents and business owners that graffiti is vandalism and has no artistic merit.

Apply to local councils for assistance to have graffiti removed from private property.

Consult a landscape designer on ways to deter illegal graffiti through environmental design elements.

Adopt-a-Spot: Invite the local community to keep a part of their area clean and graffiti-free. KNZB offers free kits to local community groups and individuals who wish to eradicate graffiti in their neighbourhood.