Kāpiti PDP Update

Since the release of the Submitter Engagement Version of the kapiti Coast District Council’s Proposed District Plan (PDP in June, there have been six months of discussions and meetings with submitters.

A number of meetings and pre-hearings have been held, to reach agreements and consensus on changes to the PDP.

KCDC are in the final stages of engagement and the next major stage of the PDP process awaits, with the beginning of formal hearings.

Following this final PDP Update, submitters will still be kept in touch with how the hearings progress, through panel updates issued by the Hearings Commissioners instead of by Council.

The Commissioners are independent chair Alistair Aburn, independent commissioners Miria Pomare and David McMahon, and Council commissioners Diane Ammundsen and Mike Cardiff.

Latest News

On December 10 Council endorsed moving the PDP to formal hearings which will be held next year.

Full hearings will begin in April but the Hearings Panel will convene a one-day meeting on 17 February to advise submitters or their representatives about the proposed hearing process.

The hearings will be conducted in accordance with procedures set out in the Resource Management Act 1991.

It is expected the hearings will take about six months through to September 2016.

Next Steps

The Hearings Commissioners are planning to issue a minute, giving more detailed advice to submitters on the hearings process. This is planned to be sent to submitters next week.

Hearings Panel PDP Updates will follow the procedural meeting planned for 17 February.