Queen Elizabeth Park Champions Celebrated

At the AGM of the Friends of Queen Elizabeth Park on 24th August, we honoured with Life Membership, the dedication of two long-serving remarkable men in our community.

John Porter and John Lancashire are both extremely well-known and respected stalwarts for the environment and particularly Queen Elizabeth Park. I have attached a recent photograph (courtesy an Ann Evans) and the Life Membership citation letters for both people and hope that you will see this as newsworthy in your publication.

Both men have “retired” their positions as Chair and Deputy Chair of the Friends of Queen Elizabeth Park after standing continuously since the establishment of the Friends group. We will greatly miss their experience and expertise on the ground, although their vision and determination has already made a significant impact on our community and this will continue with various projects they are both involved with.


John Lancashire

Dear John,

this letter is to say, with very great pleasure, that the Trustees have made you a LIFE MEMBER of the Friends of Queen Elizabeth Park, and this award has been approved with ACCLAMATION at the AGM.

The Trustees recognise that you have worked tirelessly over 10 years as Chair of the Friends which, as a group, has achieved a huge amount. During that time you led the Friends with vitality and strength, political wisdom, and often with sheer courage. You welcomed and analysed new directions in the group. You championed major developments in the Park like the historic barn, the cycle track, the Jubilee bird hide, and all conservation and restoration. Your enthusiasm at Barn Dances was notable! You repeatedly raised significant outside funds for Friend’s projects, among which the recent biodiversity project is a towering, memorable achievement, not just for the Friends, but for Kāpiti district.

Importantly you always fearlessly defended the integrity of QEP as public land for community use. Moreover you acted strongly against those whose plans would damage the Park or distort its essential function-the expressway and printing press museum are but two examples of many. And you were always the public face of QEP in the news media.

In brief, John you have always been, and remain an outstanding figure in the Friends, and hugely deserving of this recognition.

The resolution passed at the AGM is immediately effective, and includes the following citation:

“The Friends of Queen Elizabeth Park recognise, with gratitude and admiration, the immense contribution of JOHN LANCASHIRE to the work of the Friends by leading from the front since its inception with wisdom and courage; energetically supporting major developments; raising significant outside funds for many projects, culminating in the recent outstanding biodiversity initiative; and always defending the Park with determination and courage from damaging or inappropriate proposals. John’s advocacy of public land for community use is unrelenting, as is his ability over the years to keep QEP before the news media”.

The Friends are honoured to have you as a LIFE MEMBER John, and we sincerely thank you for all that you have done.

On behalf of the Friends and with very best wishes,

Peter Brooking

Acting Chair, Friends of Queen Elizabeth Park (Kāpiti) Trust

John Porter

Dear John

I have immense pleasure in writing to advise you that the Trustees have resolved to make you a LIFE MEMBER of the Friends of Queen Elizabeth Park. The Trustees were unanimous in their support for this, and passed the resolution WITH ACCLAMATION.

The Trustees place great value on the way in which your unrivalled knowledge of events, people, and processes over many decades has kept us sharply aware of Park history – entirely to our advantage. We especially admire your critical, and respectful, approach to finding the best outcomes for QEP and other kindred spirit community groups. Your research of titles, governance, declarations, historic figures, and spelling (!) is tireless. We also much appreciate your lively photography of the Friends, and of features in the Park. You are greatly deserving of this recognition.

Although the resolution we passed has immediate effect, it will be presented to the AGM in August, and include the following citation:

“The Friends of Queen Elizabeth Park recognize, with admiration, the valuable contribution over many years of our colleague JOHN PORTER to the work of the Friends by his untiring research into all aspects of the history of Q E P, especially of its primary functions; by his valued photography; and by his persistent critical focus on the protection and welfare of the whole Park.”

The Friends will be greatly honoured to have you as a Life Member John, and sincerely thank you for everything that you have done.

With very best wishes,

Peter Brooking