Oil spills on Kāpiti Coast

A Waikanae woman says the discovery of oil blobs along 10 kilometers of the Kāpiti Coast is a sign the oil industry has outstayed its welcome.

Jean Kahui from Frack Free Kāpiti says the area includes ecosystems of national and international significance.

She says it’s the fourth spill she knows of in six years.

“Our authorities are minimalising it. They’re saying ‘oh it’s just a few blobs of oil and it’s not going to be any risk at all to our marine.’ That’s a ridiculous thing to say. These fields are 30 to 60 kilometres off our shore. By the time we’ve got oil blobs there’s a huge amount of oil thats in our marine,” Ms Kahui says.

She says the response to the spill show the government is ignoring the lessons of the Rena spill.

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Jean Kahui about Frack Free Kāpiti

Frack Free Kāpiti is a group of local people very worried about the oil spills reported-and now going unreported- in our waters. Is there any authority taking the situation seriously or are our waters to be continuously oiled by international operators at their leisure and New Zealand’s detriment.