Combined Council of Whitireia and WelTec to appoint one Chief Executive

The Council of Whitireia Community Polytechnic (Whitireia) and the Wellington Institute of Technology (WelTec) have been considering the next stage for the strategic partnership of these two highly successful and well-regarded Wellington region institutions.

Council Chair Roger Sowry said, “WelTec and Whitireia have partnered formally since the beginning of 2012. Over the period they have made significant gains working together for the benefit of students.”

These include:

  • A single Council driving the strategic direction of both institutions and taking a Wellington Region-wide approach to education provision;

  • A single Academic Board and aligned Quality Management System which will ultimately see seamless education delivery and transferability for students between the two institutions;

  • The teaching of programmes at each other’s campuses;

  • Significant decisions on the creation of joint centres of excellence in the creative industries and in health and wellbeing;

  • The creation of a shared services business unit which has driven efficiencies and savings in procurement and IT services; and

  • A joint international marketing strategy for Wellington, which has been extended to other tertiary and secondary providers.

    On reviewing these achievements and considering the type of leadership structure needed for the next stage of development and growth, a decision has been made to recruit a single Chief Executive to lead both institutions. In making this decision, the Council has reaffirmed its commitment to having two strong and independent tertiary education institutions.

    In 2011 when Whitireia and WelTec considered the question of how to work more closely to provide greater benefit for students and industry, the Council decided to depart from tradition and adopt a new and innovative model of a Strategic Partnership. Nearly three years later, evidence of the achievements and success of the Partnership supports this decision, achieved without compromising major developments undertaken separately by both institutions and in an increasingly challenging operating environment.

    Mr Sowry said, “What has been achieved would not have happened without the formal strategic partnership and the commitment of Council and senior managers, particularly the leadership of the two Chief Executives, who have each taken their institution to new heights of achievement and performance.

    “To further strengthen the Partnership and deliver greater gains in this next phase, it is considered that a move to a single leadership model is appropriate, while retaining the distinctive culture, style, identity and integrity of each institution.”

    The Council will now move to recruit one Chief Executive responsible for both institutions. It is expected to have this process underway this year and completed in the first part of 2015.