Kāpiti Author hits the mark with The Sea and Me

The Sea and Me is an instantly engaging children’s book written by Kāpiti author Bianca Begovich and illustrated by Scott Pearson.

This is very clever book that combines beautiful illustrations with facts and information for all ages, about the sea and how even the smallest of our actions can have far reaching effects on the oceans.

The art of a really good children’s book is that it must also appeal to adults and this book does that brilliantly.

Ms Begovich says her two main passions are children and the environment and The Sea and me reflects that. Many such books often fall into the slightly preachy category but this does not. Instead the reader is swept along in an engaging, entertaining and informative read.

Ms Begovich says The Sea and Me and other books in the series were inspired by a desire to have children (and adults) feel that they are part of the natural world and to understand that even the smallest of our actions can have far-reaching effects on the planet.

Published in 2014 by CreateBooksNZ

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