Bore water assurances don’t go down well

Kāpiti Council assurances that bore water is safe does not seem to have found favour with the public. There continue to be a heavy number of complaints about the taste and smell of the bore water and there are large numbers of complaints about damage to kettles and cylinders.

In a report residents were advised: “If people did not like the taste, they could use water from emergency kits.”

Some recent comments include:

Ashley Schaeffer

The bore water not only tastes terrible it has a distinctive smell as well.

We are looking at having to replace yet another kettle after this latest round of bore water. This one is less than six months old and is now poked. Who knows what damage our dishwasher is going to sustain?

We have one crap council after another on the Kāpiti Coast and despite turfing the last Mayor out on her ear, we’re stuck with yet another dud. The problem is the impotent councillors are playing second fiddle to the unelected council employees.

Its da truth

Why they didn’t build a water storage plant instead of that overpriced paddling pool, I don’t know……. well I do. They’re incompetent fools.


You have just worked it out I had them pegged right from the start and don’t forget the previous one both had a time to built a dam, dump the water meters but did not because its the CEO’s pet baby. PS your very polite by just calling them incompetent fools I would call them some thing else but they cant print it.


“If people did not like the taste, they could use water from emergency kits.”

This is the last sentence in the above article. Not sure if the council says that or the editor just add this in. Either way it sounds terribly offensive, as if telling you to piss off if you don’t like bore water. Coming from a public entity which is supposedly there to serve the general public, this is not good at all.


Snap Crackle Pop !!

No that is not my cereal in the bowl but the sound of my jug each time it is used since the bore was switched over.

Having to distill all the water we use to remove the impurities is costing more power and then we will be paying for this rubbish water when the meter charge starts soon.

I should take my distiller into the council and the health department to show them what the inside is like after one distilation. Each time it is used it has to be cleaned /sterilised.

Bore water is only fit for watering the garden


I don’t drink the water here in Paraparaumu as it tastes horrible. Every 3 week’s we go to the Buick Street spring in Petone and bring back 100 liters of nice water. Lived at 5 places with bore water on the Kāpiti Coast and the stuff here tastes the worst by far. I don’t know if it comes from an aquifer with iron pans or through rusty pipes but it tastes of rust and it’s disgusting.


We go to Petone, or even if we visit friends in Ōtaki, Porirua or Johnsonville, we fill our bottles and bring that back for drinking and cooking.

Bore water tastes like dirt.


Is that why the Ministry of Health placed an ad earlier this year in the local papers to say:

(I’m paraphrasing)

‘Run your tap in the morning and do not drink the water that first comes out as it MAY CONTAIN metals and minerals that could, in concentrated form, be hazardous.’

The Council are lying when they say it doesn’t affect kettles or hot water cylinders. They simply don’t want to pay the damages for their cockups.

ian of tawa

The council has four options,

A – build a $2B+ desalination plant,

B – cut off water supply,

C – force people to move leave the district,

D – utilise bore water.


E – build a dam.


Not for my NEW QUIET SAFE JUG – sounds like its a 747 jumbo taking off.


Mine too… just about messed my pants when I heard the noise coming from the jug. Then I saw the white “stuff” up the side showing how much water is in the jug. Dumped the water and white all over the stainless steel bottom. Not sure if it’s any safer from the water but mine has the element UNDER the stainless steel base. Muck Fee, what a dog’s breakfast we keep on electing in Kāpiti.


Mine too. No matter what type of jug / kettle you have everyone in the Kāpiti area has the same problem.

Have to clean the jug every other day with sterilising crystals as the bottom is YUCK.

Cannot possibly be good for our health no matter what they say.