Otara leads the Expressway debate

The Alliance for a Sustainable Kāpiti (ASK) has sent its congratulations to the Otara community on its stand against the proposed motorway to be built through the middle of its community.

“We are hopeful that NZTA has learned the lessons of the hard fight they experienced in Kāpiti with regard to destruction of communities,” said ASK chairperson Marie O’Sullivan.

“Despite a sustained opposition, large public meetings and a petition to parliament, the majority opposition to the proposed Kāpiti Expressway was ignored. This included the board of inquiry ignoring key evidence.”

Ms O’Sullivan says the inquiry produced over 700 submissions objecting to the road and the board disagreed with every single one of them. “We regard this as is implausible given the laws of probability.

“Our position hasn’t changed, we are still opposed to the road, which is in the process of being built. We continue to look for opportunities to halt construction.

“However, we hope that our fight had some spin off into the decision to stop the Otara motorway. I doubt that NZTA would be prepared for another four year fight that went all the way to the high court. Too late for us it seems, but finally the transport agency has

realised that communities are important resources for our aging society. Well done Otara,” she said.