Candidate promises to put Nathan Guy out to pasture

A third candidate is vying for the Ōtaki electorate proving competition is alive and well in the Labour Party.

“I’m proud to put my name in the race to take on the sitting MP”, says Rob McCann, a former Press Secretary in the previous Labour Government and currently the Campaign Manager for the anti-violence campaign White Ribbon.

“No matter who wins the nomination process, we’re ready to take on Nathan Guy – though the hardest thing will be to find him!

“It must be difficult now that he’s no longer living in the region, but I believe when you’re a constituent MP, your first priority is to the people of your electorate. As the chair of the Paraparaumu Branch of the Labour Party, I constantly hear locals asking who they can talk to about their issues. To meet some of that demand, we’ve had Annette King visiting each town in the Ōtaki electorate, but the people need their own MP.

“The priorities of any government should be its people, not their crony capitalist mates in Sky City or big oil. There are scores of people in our region who don’t have enough food, can’t afford the rent and have no opportunity for jobs.

“We need an MP who is focused on this region, who engages with the concerns of our people and who will advocate for all of us, not just the elite.

“The most pressing issue in this region is the lack of jobs. We need to send a clear message to Parliament that there is more to New Zealand than one super city. We need an economy built on more than earthquake recovery, drilling for oil next to marine reserves or increasing the profits of multinationals.

“New Zealand and the Ōtaki electorate deserve someone who can speak for themselves and who will advocate for our region, not simply parrot the lines of minders. I’m asking people to make a choice for Ōtaki that will represent you, and fight hard to have the voice of this region heard. As a community we should expect nothing less,” says Rob McCann.