Kāpiti election hoarding draws complaints to KCDC and Irish Consul

Dozens of distressed parents have complained to the Kāpiti Coast District Council’s elections officer about a hoarding that caused sleeplessness and terror among their younger children.

‘I wish he never put it up,’ one Mazengarb Road mother told Pullet Surprise. ‘The twins were frightened out of their wits by what they call ‘The Gween Man’ and even after all this time keep waking every night and I just can’t get them to settle. It’s driving us all crazy and I’ve had to take days off work because we’re all unwell due to lack of sleep. We saw it in a field just up the road and it gave us the creeps.’

‘Idiots!’ exclaimed an elderly gentleman sipping a beer in Monteith’s Bar at Kāpiti Lights. ‘Didn’t they know what they were doing?’

‘Doing what?’ asked his friend sitting there too.

‘Messing around like that. It’s not right.’

‘No it’s not right,’ agreed the friend.

Meanwhile Pullet Surprise has learned that Royden Shelaw from the Irish Consulate had been asked by his government to look into the affair.

‘Something about cultural offensiveness,’ he advised us. ‘In my opinion it’s just plain offensive, Irish or not.

‘Oath!’ commented someone overhearing the conversation.