Stirring up the public

Dear Editor

After reading Mathew Grocott “Mayor Snubs Candidate events” it now has become apparent that Mr Duffy’s opening speech he made at Tokomaru on Sunday was a deliberate attempt to stir up a few people in the audience and a publicity stunt so he could justify his refusal of not attending the meet the candidate meetings organised by HDRRAI – that he had already refused to attend. If it is correct that “A public meeting is a space for candidates to express what they’re standing for, why did he use words like “you don’t like me or what I am doing?” Campaigns are meant to be about the vision of the candidate for the District – not inciting the Ratepayers who pay his wages.

We have had years of “look at what I have built (fantastic projects)” and ridiculing people who stand up to speak at Council Meetings. It is time for a change. If Mr Duffy hasn’t got the skills to stand up and present his vision for the future of the District at the candidates meetings, then there are two other candidates who are willing to take the reins of moving our District forward.

“You have to Vote. ” We can’t keep spending money on “fantastic” projects and paying interest on the loans for the “look at what I have built.”

David Thomson

Chair (HDDRAI)