Kāpiti Aquatic Centre Trust – award nominee

“The Kāpiti Aquatic Center Trust, was established in 2008 to help fund a new Aquatic facility in the Kāpiti region. The first plans were drawn and a relationship established with the Kāpiti Coast District Council in a partnership to design and build the new facility.

Hit by the GFC, fund raising through this period has been very difficult and a variety of events have been held, along with multiple applications and approaches to potential sponsors in an attempt to have this community facility built. Happily on August 10th 2013, stage 1 of the new pool complex was opened and a fantastic new Aquatic Facility has become available for the whole of the Kāpiti Region to enjoy along with the wider Wellington Region. This will allow the development of a wide range of Aquatic sports and groups to develop their skills and training, which were previously not able to be played in the district. Many people had to travel outside the district if they wanted to participate in such activities as under water hockey, water polo and train for ANY other water activity requiring deep water.” www.kapitiaquatic.co.nz

Nominations close on September 30