David Scott – Mayoral profile

David Scott: A Wise Choice for a Better Future.

No More!!costly mistakes; excessive debt; rate hikes frightening the elderly and making life miserable for those on moderate incomes; pages of hype and spin in local papers paid for with our rates; going over the heads of ratepayers without ‘genuine’ consultation.

Start listening and using our brains to make Kāpiti a safer and friendlier community. Let us get on with our lives without, palatial council buildings and highly over-paid officials.

Get real.

This current council has increased rates so they hurt.

Kāpiti Rd clogged up by council condoned idiocy, frustrating the lives of commuters.

Water rates being added in 2014.

We now have to pay for rubbish and they are pumping water from bores into the Waikanae River.

Still no water storage solution, no progress with health centre land development for the local community.

Vote David Scott.