Politically incorrect – Maori Representation on Council

I read with dismay – the the Kāpiti Coast District Council have appointed three Maori Representatives on three major standing individual committees of Council.

That being the: Environmental, Corporate, Regulatory Committees.

What’s more – which is even more bazaar – they have speaking/voting rights on issues.

Firstly, if the Councillors and Mayor have to be voted in by the Community – why have these people been appointed without any Community input given they have speaking/voting rights?

Secvondly, we don’t know anything about these people as to where they come from and what experience they may have had in the past to do with Local Community issues.

Was Council given the options of selection and who decided appointing them. Are they to get any remuneration and if so where does that money come from.

This does nothing for the Race Relations between all New Zealander’s. The next thing you know we wont have voting rights – they (Council) will just be APPOINTING!!!!! everybody.

Appointing meaning –

“A select few, usually with a self interest to protect their own position, appoint below them”

Electing meaning-

“To select by vote for office’

If this issue was put out to the Community at large of Kāpiti – I am sure common sense of the general public would want election options and this should be considered in the next election coming up to make things politically correct.

Dale Evans

Concerned Rate Payer/Community Minder